Hola from Spain

Hi friends !!! I hope you are all well and happy ! It’s been very chilly lately so I have gone on a lovely trip to Spain to have a nice rest before I pack my bags for Everest !! I have just boarded the plane and have a nice safe seat with the Ryanair air hostess who is going to look after me on the flight ! Adious ! love Brandon xxx

I arrived safely in Spain and its very sunny !! I’ve had a very busy day telling all my new Spanish friends about Brandon Beech and all about Cystic Fibrosis. I have made so many new friends and walked to so many beautiful places that I thought I better have a little lie down and a trip to the beach. A very lovely Spanish lady has even washed my dirty socks after all that walking ! Buenas noches ! (That’s good evening  in Spanish don’t you know !!)

Football Awards

I almost forgot !! …… on the 14th November I went to the MBNA Football Awards at Lancashire County Cricket Ground where there were lots of famous sports personalities and people from the TV. The host of the event was Colin Murray and Gordon Burns. Colin was very funny and made me laugh ! I even managed to get a cuddle before I left ! Love Brandon xxx

Brandon Climbs Everest

You won’t believe this !!! I have been invited to climb Everest which is a very very high mountain in a place called Asia far, far away from my home in Britain. Mount Everest is is the world’s highest mountain and is one of the mountains in a group of called the Himalayas. It is going to be a very hard trip so I decided I better start training!. I went to Mount Snowdon which is a mountain inWales, but much much smaller than Mount Everest! I wrapped up warm and set off climbing with my friend Mark !

It’s really really cold in Snowdon today but it’s great training for my trip to Everest !