To all my wonderful friends and to all the wonderful friends I am going to meet next year I wish you all a very happy Christmas. And to all my very special friends with CF or any other horrible illnesses be healthy and smile it’s CHRISTMAS !!!!!! All my love Brandon xxxxx

A little christmas present from my friend

My lovely friend Mrs Dowson who makes beautiful ice cream on her farm, gave me a lovely surprise and took me on a trip to Rome in Italy !!! I flew on the aeroplane and met some wonderful people and I also got to visit the Vatican where the Pope lives ! It was a lovely little trip before I get back home and start wrapping all my presents ! Love Brandon xxx




I’ve put all my warm winter clothes on and been in the garden and made my very own snowman friend. I hope he stays until Christmas ! :0-x Love Brandon

There’s lots of lost property up here !!!!

WELL !!!…I’ve made it ! here I am at basecamp on mount Everest ! Steve and I have worked really hard. There’s lots of lost property up here I’ve no idea who it belongs too, I hope they didn’t fall over the edge ! I’m not allowed to go any further as I’m a bit small and I have to say my furry coat is starting to seem very thin up here it’s freezing ! It has been a fantastic adventure and I’ve met so many lovely people (although they all seem to wear strange hats over here !) Love Brandon xxx

I have made best friends with Mr Jack Frost !

I had a lovely weekend starting the ascent up Mount Everest. It’s a lot different from climbing the hills where I live back home !  It’s quite cold already and I haven’t even put my little paws in any snow yet ! We can see Everest in the distance but we still have a few days left to go. Iv’e made some wonderful friends already who are happy to let me rest in their laps and share their sandwiches with me! I hope you like my photographs, and wrap up warm because it’s going to get COLD ! Love Brandon xxx

It’s been a long journey ! but much further to go yet !

Well !!! ….. I’ve made it all the way to the Himalayas ready for my climb up Everest ! It’s definitely a big change from my holiday to Spain !. I’ve got all my equipment ready to go and my trusty companion Steve Cox, from Keel Toys helping me along the way. If I get tired I’ll be hiding away in my rucksack from time to time. Our hotel is lovely and we can see the mountains from the window. So… it’s an early night for Steve and I ready for the start of our climb tomorrow ! Love Brandon xxx