Spreading the good news !


‘Roaring’ up those mountains !

My very best friend Brandon Beech and I were invited to a very very exciting event ! We were asked by Adam Diver  who serves with the Duke of Lancasters Regiment to visit their barracks in Weeton, Lancashire to wave off eight of their soldiers who are climbing three mountains in Greenland to raise money for CF. This is a very special expedition as the soldiers will be ascending 3 peaks that have never been climbed before. Once the climb has been completed, the successful group are able to name the mountain themselves which will then remain in place for ever more ! Adam who is group leader and his team will name the first of the peaks after my best friend Brandon. So if ever you are lucky enough to visit Greenland you can also visit ‘Mount Brandon’ ! We are also looking for businesses to sponsor this wonderful event by naming the other two remaining peaks. What an opportunity ! I am looking forward to posting photographs of the soldiers adventures on my website for you all to see ! Love Brandon xxx

I’ve got my mini running shoes on !

Just in case you didn’t know! Later this year the Olympic Games will be coming to the UK. I was invited by Duncan Mason, one of the physiotherapists for the Great British Team itself, to travel with him to South Africa to the Olympic squads training camp. I met some fabulous athletes and many more lovely people. I even had the pleasure of meeting Susan Partridge  a world famous long distance and marathon runner. I managed to have a quick cuddle with her during one of her breaks ! I want to wish them all the very best of luck.

Love Brandon xxx





Hello again to all my friends !

Dear Friends,

It’s lovely to be back ! Lots has been happening since I last posted and I have been very busy. I even have my own Brandon on Tour van so I can visit lots of events and lots of sick people all around the country ! I was invited to visit Coronation Street to celebrate my launch as a CF mascot and to receive the keys to my very own van which was very kindly donated by Chorley Nissan. I felt like a VIP and I met lots of lovely celebrities who made me feel very welcome. The best part of is that I went with my best friend Brandon Beech, my very best friend who is a little boy with CF. We had such a great time and had a nice cup cake on the way home ! It’s great to be back so watch this space for my new adventures !!! Love Brandon xxx