Update on Brandon (4)

Hello everyone! It has been a long and tiring two weeks for Brandon but hopefully he will be coming out of the hospital tommorow and back home with his family. From all of us here at Brandon the Lion HQ we want to thank you all so much for your lovely messages and kind well wishes for Brandon, it is very much appreciated and lovely to see so many people supporting our cause! Brandon also wanted me to show you what he built to keep himself occupied whilst in hospital… what do you think?! Love Brandon the Lion xxxx





Update on Brandon (3)

Hello everyone! its freezing outside isnt it, hope you are all wrapped up warm! Thank you so much for all your supportive messages for Brandon, I went to see him at the hospital last night and he was happy to hear all the kind messages! He is however still very poorly, today 8 doctors in their final year are going to see him indivdually to try and work out what is going on as they say it is very unusual for a patient to have so many issues relating to his CF, tommorow another 8 doctors will see him also. It is very stressful for him but he remains brave and in good spirits, happily chatting away about his current love of Formula one and none other than Lewis Hamilton! I will be sure to keep you updated later in the week Love Brandon the Lion xxx

Update on Brandon (2)

He is still in hospital and quite poorly, it is very sad to hear him upset about his condition but he is very brave and after the hospital let him out for a few hours to go to the cinema with his little sister he was feeling better. He will have to stay in the hospital for the next week and shortly after that will be going to Alderley Hospital to have an operation to get a tube put into his chest to drain the fluid from his lungs. As always, wishing Brandon gets better very soon! Love Brandon the Lion xx

Update on Brandon

Unfortunately I have a sad update about my best friend Brandon Beech, he is very poorly now and has to stay in hospital for the next two weeks. Very shortly he will also have to have an operation, I will be sure to keep you all updated.

Please take the time to go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust website to learn more about Cystic Fibrosis and to find out more about Brandon pop along to the ‘About Brandon the Lion’ section of my website

So I hope you will join me in wishing Brandon a speedy recovery and hope he gets better very soon! Lots of love Brandon the Lion xxxxxx