My Day With Vertex!

Hello everyone! I have been a very busy lion recently getting to know some wonderful people over at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. I was kindly invited down to Oxford by Liz to see first hand the research work into Cystic Fibrosis that the dedicated team over at Vertex are doing. After the initial success and positive changes to CF sufferers seen after taking Kalydeco, Vertex have now recently filed patents for the next phase of development and have given me a link so that you can see future developments and follow the progress!

I also met Nick who is a CF sufferer and one of the first to try the Kalydeco drug. He is also part of the Everest team who is going to attempt the summit of Everest next year!

So big thank you to Vertex for letting me see their brilliant work first hand, it was a real privilege!

Lots of love, Brandon the Lion xxx

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My Trip to America With New Friends!

I have got so much news to share with you from my travels in America! As you may know my new friend Ted from Vertex Pharmaceuticals, took me along on his great journey on the Seacoast Safari ride, I had a great time and Ted did brilliantly, there is a picture of us all at the finish line for you to see! Ted also took me back home to meet his lovely family, I had a great time clay painting, watering flowers and meeting their doggy!

I also met one of Ted’s friends, a wonderful lady called Nikki who took me on a tour to none other than The White House! I cannot tell you how much I love America and I am really enjoying making lots of new friends and making new memories!

Hope you are enjoying the British weather (even if it looks to be taking a turn for the worse!)

Lots of Love Brandon the Lion xxx