Hola from Spain

Hi friends !!! I hope you are all well and happy ! It’s been very chilly lately so I have gone on a lovely trip to Spain to have a nice rest before I pack my bags for Everest !! I have just boarded the plane and have a nice safe seat with the Ryanair air hostess who is going to look after me on the flight ! Adious ! love Brandon xxx

I arrived safely in Spain and its very sunny !! I’ve had a very busy day telling all my new Spanish friends about Brandon Beech and all about Cystic Fibrosis. I have made so many new friends and walked to so many beautiful places that I thought I better have a little lie down and a trip to the beach. A very lovely Spanish lady has even washed my dirty socks after all that walking ! Buenas noches ! (That’s good evening  in Spanish don’t you know !!)

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